Physical training is equally important as techniques, strategies and mental strength. Only one has superior endurance, strength and speed with superior techniques and superior mental strength can climb to the top of the ladder!

A) Energy Systems: We have to understand energy system basically has two types:

Jogging 1a) Areobic system – Such as jogging, constant speed running. Basically it is constant speed. It is a good excise to strength the heart. The body burn more fat than blood sugar as energy. Since the speed is not as fast, so the latic acid build up is slow. That’s why you can last longer on jogging or running. It is the foundation for Anaerobic system.



b) Anaerobic system. – a sudden burst of fast movement, fast stop, then fast jump and move again. Badminton players must have good anaerobic system because the nature of the game. Badminton is like running 50 meter with full speed, stop for 10 seconds or less, then start again. In a game, if your score was 21-19. Total of 40 point. It means you need to run this 50 meter 40 times. This is only one game. If you play three games with the same score. It means you need to run the 50 meter for 120 time. The nature of anaerobic energy system is use more blood sugar as fuel. The latic acid build up is very fast after a couple of long rallies. That is why you feel burning and jelly at your legs or other part of your body. You must train to increase the lactic acid tolerance. For the very seasoned players, their body can convert some of the lactic acid to energy for your body to use. In the sub manual, you will see different way to train for the anaerobic system. In the sub-section, we will focus on anaerobic energy system training.

B) Strength and Explosive Power – Weight Lifting

C) Speed and Agility