March, 2014     Ontario Junior “B”   Edith Hayman Invitational


Victor and Chris captured the U16 BD Special Plate Gold

Victor Chris

Victor partnered with Renee won Gold of  U16 “B” mixed doubles.

   Renee Victor




Alice and Nicole won the U16 GD Silver.

   Alice Nicole


Sinan and Nicole captured the gold of U16 Mixed “B”.

  Nicole Sinan



Cameron and Andy did very well.





March, 2014     Erindale Doubles Open

Our junior team completed this tournament and they all enjoyed many exciting games.

Victor Gau and Chris Wu won the U16 BD Gold

Cameron Davies captured the U16 BD Silver

Nicole Wang and Alice Peng won the U16 GD Gold

Tom Li, Jordan Schumann, Runlin Li , Sinan Yang and Jeffrey Zhou were having a good time!



Feb 19, 2014, OCAA, CCAA

Both Owen and Kianoosh did very well in the OCAA.

Owen won the Men’s Singles and Kianoosh won the Mens double of OCAA. They both represented Ontario to complete the CCAA.

In the CCAA, they reached the semi-final with many great games!


Jan 26, 2014    Ontario Master Series Manadrin

Boris Chiu, our headcoach, attended the Master tournament after two years of injuries. He captured the Silver in both 45+ and 50+ Men’s Single. Joe Huang won the bronz in the 45+ Men’s singles. Excellent work to both!!!





Jan 19, 2014     Mac Open


Our Head Coach came back from the grave and partnered with Mo (one of our junior coaches) and captured MD silver in the Mac Open! Good job to both!!!Borisand Mo











The father and son team, Tom and Steve Nenniger (who was the former provincial champion) did great in the MacMaster Spring Open. Runlin Li, Cameron Davis, Jordan Shumann and Victor Gao performed well in the tournament. This is great experiment for all!!!Nennigers








Jan 19, 2014   Centenenial Open

Owen captured the men’s single Gold and Kianoosh won the Gold in mixed doubles. Good job to both.

Owen lunge                   Kianoosh







Jan 4, 2014

Owen Kurvits, who is our Elite Team member and one of the caoch of the junior team, attended the Toronto Open which is one of the strongest tournament in North America. He reached the fourth round and stopped by the 3rd seed David Snider with three exciting games. Great Job Owen!

Owen 1


Jan 4, 2014  WOBA Try Out

Congratulations to Victor Gao who is selected to be in the WOBA Winter Games Team. Awesome Victor!!!


We sent a team for the WOBA try out. They played many exciting games and it was a fun and competitive day for all!

WOBA try out      WOBA A






Dec 15, 2013

Congratulation to Bert Miciano who won the Gold in Mens Doubles “B” of the George Brown Open. Hey you look great in the Advance Badminton Li Ning Shirt!







Renee Manadrin

November 2013

Congratulation to Renee Sirbu who won gold of the Manadrin Junior “B” Girls Single U16 Consolation. Way to go Renee!









Sinan Oakville


Congratulation to Sinan Yang who won silver of the Oakville Junior “B” Boys Single U16 Consolation. Good Job!






2013 Boulevard Junior “B” Championship

  • Victor Gao – Gold Medalist of Boys Single U14 and Boys Double U14

Victor Double   Victor



2013 WOBA (Western Ontario Badminton Association)

    • Under 14 Boy’s Single Silver: Greffrey Wong

    • Under 14 Mixes Double Gold: Victor Gao, Silver: Greffrey Wong

    • Under 14 Boy’s Double Bronze: Greffrey

    • Under 14 Girl’s Single Gold: Renee Sirbu

    • Under 16 Boy’s Single Gold: Victor Gao, Silver: Sinan Yang

    • Under 16 Boy’s Doubles Silver: William Adiwanata, Runlin Li

    • Under 16 Mixed Doubles Silver: Sinan Yang, Renee Sirbu

    • Under 19 Boy’s Single “B” Silver: Roland Hsu

    • Under 19 Boy’s doubles “B” Silver: Victor Gao and Roland Hsu


2013 KW Junior Championship

    • Under 14 Mixed Doubles Gold: Renee Sirbu and Vistor Gao


2013 March Ontario Junior “B” Series, Brantford

    • Under 14 Girl’s Double Gold: Renee Sirbu and Isabel Simmons

    • Under 14 Mixed Double’s Gold: Geoffrey Wong and Isabel Simmons.

    • Under 14 Boy’s Doubles Bronze: Greffrey Wong


 2013 Hamilton and District Championship

    • Man’s Single Gold: Owen Kurvits, Silver: Sean Irving, “B” Silver: Chris Wu, “D” Silver: Alex Kowalski

    • Men’s Double Gold: Sean Irving, Jordan Hearn, Silver: Owen Kurvits, Chad Ives

    • Women’s Singles “B” Gold: Sharon Yang, “C” Gold: Tina Thomas

    • Women’s Double Silver: Laura Arbour, “C” Gold: Meagan Miotto

    • Mixed Doubles Gold: Owen Kurvits, Silver: Sean Irving, “C” Silver: Rob Bennett.

Jordan Sean     Owen Chad (2)


 2013 High School Championship

  • SOSSA – These players will go to OFSSA

    • Girl’s Single Gold: Sharon Yang, Silver: Erin Kurvit
  • GHAC – These player will go to OFSSA

    • Girl’s Single Silver: Tina Thomas
    • Girl’s Double Gold: Meagan Miotto
    • Boy’s Double Silver: Kiert Aman

    • Boy’s Single Gold: Sinan Yang


November 2012, Ontario Junior Series “B”


Renee IsabelRenee Sirbu and Isabel Simmon – Silver medalists of Under 14 “A” Girls Doubles.









ReneeRenee Sirbu – Gold Medalist of Under 14 “B” Girls Singles.










Kristie    Kristie double

Kristie was the Gold Medalist of Under 19 “A” Girl’s Double and “B” Girl’s Singles


2012 Battle of the Best Open and U19

Our junior players had a remarkable performance in this tournament:

a)      Owen Kurvits was a triple crown winner in the Open! He won the Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Incredible!!!

b)      Shirley Chiu won the Under 19 Girl’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Outstanding!!!

c)      Steve Wang and Meagan Miotto did well in this tournament! Great effort!!!


2012 WOBA (Western Ontario Badminton Association)

Our juniors captured many title! For some of the players, this was their very first tournament. They all performed beyond their own level in the tournament.

a)      Owen Kurvits: U19 – BS A Gold; BD A Silver; MX A Gold

b)      Robyn Bennett: U19 – GS A Silver; GD B Silver; MX B Silver

c)      Shirley Chiu: U 19 – GD B Gold

d)      Jennifer Ai: U 19 –  GD B Gold

e)      Talha Qasim: U 19 –  BD B Gold

f)       Victor Gao: U 16 – BS A Gold, U14 – BD A Gold, U14 – MX A Gold

g)      Sinan Yang: U 14 – BS B Gold, U14 – BD A Gold, U14 – MX B Silver

h)      Isabel Simmon: U14 – MX A Gold

i)       Renee Sirbu: U14 – GS B Gold, GD B Gold, MX A Gold

j)       Dana Bennett: U14 GD B Gold

k)      Justin O’Reilly: U14 BD B Gold, BS Semi

l)       Steven Wang: U16 BS A semi

m)    Meagan Miotto: U19 GS C semi




2012 April Ontario Junior “B” Series

a)      Erin Kurvits – Silver Medalist in Under14 Girls Singles

b)      Victor Gao – Bronze Medalist in Under14 Boys Singles


 2012 High School and Elementary Championship

Our players’ fantastic performance that resulted in winning the Brantford and Hamilton regional, Southern Ontario High School championship and some of them advanced to OFSSA!

a)      Owen Kurvits won the gold in regional, SOSSA boy’s singles. He earned bronze in OFSSA.

b)      Shirley Chiu and Jennifer Ai won the gold in regional and SOSSA girl’s doubles. They were fifth in OFSSA

c)      Erin Kurvits won the gold in Hamilton regional and came second in SOSSA.

d)      Talha Qasim won the gold in Hamilton regional and came second in SOSSA. He advanced to OFSSA and placed second in “B” flight.

e)      Sharon Yang came second in Hamilton regional and won the gold in SOSSA.

f)       Isabel Simmons won gold in the Brantford regional.


 2011 Hamilton and District Championship

A) Owen Kurvits won the Mens Single Silver

B) Owen Kurvits and Robyn Bennett won the Mixed Doubles Silver